How should runners choose the right running shoe for them?

The connection relating to the choice of the perfect running shoe and having a running injury is a contentious topic. There can be firmly held thoughts and opinions for both sides of this issue and there is very little evidence to help you solve the controversy. The assumption is that a runner desires the right running shoe because of their running technique in order to prevent an overuse injury from occurring, so if an inappropriate shoe can be used there is an raised chance for a running injury. Nonetheless, the specific research which backs up this widely used content is simply not presently there bringing about all the opinions and conundrums concerning this concern. The athletic shoes market is really worth several billion dollars and up to half or more athletes can get an injury each year, consequently a whole lot is at stake in this disagreement.

A recent episode of the podiatrist's live show, PodChatLive the show's hosts spoke with the athlete and also podiatrist Michael Nitschke relating to this concern and what factor, in general will the athletic shoes play in running injury. Additionally they mainly talked about a new running shoe from Nike that they claim will reduce the overuse injury incidence. There is some Nike funded research which backs up this claim, however that studies have not yet been released ultimately causing a lot of conjecture and further fuelling the controversy with this problem. The edition was worthwhile as it considered every one of the difficulties without taking either side or some other. The 2 hosts and Michael Nitschke are runners themselves and also have to make options not simply for which running shoes they are likely to run in but will also make recommendations for their clients that they see with clinical conditions. This needs to be carried out in the perspective with the skepticism with all the current evidence that underpins the prescription and use of athletic shoes. Especially, they think that comfort is among the most important factor to consider when making options concerning athletic shoes.

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