Foods to Try in Indonesia


Indonesia is known for its amazing food. Its cuisine is loved all around the world, and more and more people are visiting the country just to try authentic food. So, if you have an upcoming trip to Indonesia, here is a list of dishes you must try to truly appreciate the cuisine of this great nation. 

Chicken Satay – Chicken cubes grilled in a sweet & spicy peanut sauce is a favourite around the world. Every country has its own version, but the one in Indonesia is the best. It can be found in most restaurants and street food stalls. 

NasiGoreng – Translated to English, NasiGoreng means fried rice and it is loved all over the country. Meat is cooked with shallots, spices, sauces, chilli, and garlic. This is then mixed in with the rice. Worth a try. 

NasiCampur – This is considered as the favourite dish of the country. It is an assortment of many dishes kept separately but on the same plate. In the centre is the rice, and you eat what you want with the rice. It sounds like quite an adventure. 

GadoGado – Gado means to mix so gadogado means mix mix, and mix it is. Gado has mixed vegetables, beans, leafy vegetables, eggs, and tofu topped with a spicy peanut sauce. This is a salad that is usually an accompaniment to fried dishes. 

All the dishes stated above are easily available all over the country and you won’t struggle to find them. You can also try other dishes you find interesting. Hostels in Indonesia can guide you to the best street food places and restaurants nearby. 

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