Finding The Right Darts For You

 For the competitive darts player finding the right darts is critical if you want to win, whatever level you play at; pub, superleague, county or beyond.

There are several elements to consider when choosing your darts; the darts themselves (or barrels as they are sometimes called), the stems (also known as shafts) and last but not least the flights. I shall consider each in turn:

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For many years now Tungsten darts have been the darts of choice for the serious dart player, replacing the more traditional, bulkier brass darts. The main reason for this is that tungsten is a denser metal, meaning that for any given weight a tungsten dart will be much smaller and thinner than a comparable brass dart.

There is a simple reason for the rise in popularity of the tungsten dart. All other things being equal (skill and accuracy for example), it is easier to fit three tungsten darts in the treble 20, and hit the elusive maximum 180, than it is to squeeze in three brass darts of the same weight.

Over the last 20 years, improvements in technology and a reduction in the cost of Tungsten have seen the percentage of tungsten in the darts increase. In the mid-seventies, tungsten darts contained about 80% tungsten with the balance being made up of nickel or copper. Today it is possible to get darts with 97% tungsten content.

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