Finding Alternatives To Traditional Income Producing Strategies

As more and more investors approach retirement, bullish or bearish may not be important anymore. These investors are looking for innovative and balanced income strategies that try not to leave them too exposed to market fluctuations or declines.

They want to find alternative opportunities that provide a certain level of trust and help reduce their fears about living longer than the available income. There are various types of income generating assets.


The traditional solution to the pension income dilemma is to move portfolio assets from equity to a combination of bonds, annuities and / or stock dividend payments.

However, more and more investors are questioning whether traditional strategies will be able to provide adequate income during their retirement. However, at the same time, some of them are willing to expose their portfolios to risky equity investments that might provide the returns needed to meet their income needs.

In recent years, many investors have turned to ETFs to develop new income-generating investment strategies. However, the number of revenue-producing ETFs is limited and it is still too early to determine how well the ETF correlates with other revenue alternatives.

Also, given the current economic events, some investors are worried about making long-term commitments to investments that have not proven their ability to provide anticipated returns.

More and more investors are searching for investment strategies that will simultaneously help them protect their capital and generate sufficient income throughout their retirement years. In the process, they are realizing some possible investment realities.

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