Concrete Waffle Slab Floor For Homes

Concrete waffle slab floors come in many forms and can be used to achieve a high level of thermal and lifestyle comfort. Panels can be placed on the floor, hung or mixed together. They can be insulated both at the bottom and at the edges. 

You can check over here to buy conventional concrete waffle slab pods that have a high level of embodied energy. This is the most commonly used tile material, but several new materials are available with a drastically reduced environmental impact.

Different types

Some types of concrete slabs may be more suitable than others for certain locations and climatic zones.

1. Plates on the floor

The shrinkage joints of the panels shall intersect at the support openings and shall intersect at the support openings and shall intersect at the support openings. Conventional tiles can be insulated under wide floor slabs; waffle pods are isolated below by definition. Both can benefit from panel edge insulation.

2. Hanging plate

Suspended ceilings are closed and concreted on site, with removable or “lost” non-load formwork or with missing formwork that is part of the reinforcement.

3. Prefabricated panels

Prefabricated panels are fabricated on site and alternated on site, either in finished form or with the addition of thin concrete on top. They can consist of conventional or prestressed reinforced concrete or aerated concrete (AAC) (see aerated concrete).

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