Commercial Roofing Leak Repair: What to Expect

Two of the most common types of roofing for commercial structures are flat and pitched roofs. Each has advantages and disadvantages for construction and leak repairs.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are popular for commercial rooftops because 5they are inexpensive and easy to repair. When it comes to rain and snow, flat roof replacement can be done very easily with the help of the expert roof replacement and repair services in Whitby.  Here, patching the leak is a relatively easy task.

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For the first step, a professional will need to look for leaks. After the damaged area is found, a professional will sweep debris additional area and then cut the patch around the leak as uniformly shaped as possible. Using the cut area as a guide, builders would cut a replacement patch. After the coating was replaced with freshly cut shingles, a larger piece of shingle will be cut to lay beyond the patched area and sealed to prevent leakage through the joint.

Pitched Roof

A pitched roof has a slope of more than 10 degrees to the horizontal surface. They are not so common but they are still used especially in areas of heavy snowfall. Leaks in pitched roofs can come from problems with shingles or tiles. Flashing is used around the sheet metal on the roof structure, such as a chimney, which is designed to force the water down and away from the seam. 

For the broken shingles, shingle ripper will be used to remove the shingles from the roof. However, if the damage is more severe, the entire flashing or valley may need to be removed and replaced.

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