Break The Silly Habit- Thumb Sucking In Toddlers

Are you worried about your child's habits of thumb sucking? And you feel really embarrassed in front of others because of this silly habit? Then you have to go through this article. Thumb sucking in children always causes embarrassment to many parents. Parents are concerned about social humiliation.

This habit is ridiculous for most parents that not only cause dental problems but also have implications for the psychological condition of their children. So it is better to use a comfortable thumb sucking device to help children stop sucking his/her thumb. 

You can easily buy this tool for your kid to stop thumb sucking from the market or from various online sources and stop your child from continuing this ridiculous habit.


Finger sucking supplies many ill consequences. The main symptoms of the problems of the teeth:

  • The misalignment of a kid's permanent teeth because the power is evenly placed on the tooth of the thumb.
  • Lower and upper front teeth may not approach each other.
  • The front teeth from the upper side may flare out, As a result of flared out or protruding front teeth of children may end up with broken teeth.


It can be treated with the subsequent approach given below.

1. The extra-tooth methodology includes an additional simple method for example:

A. Painting a child's finger or thumb has pleasant-tasting ingredients.

B. Tapping the thumb with tape to reduce thumb sucking.

2. Psychological Strategy: It can be only possible if your child is psychologically ready and need to stop the habit.

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