Best Restaurants in Tokyo


The beauty and awesomeness of Japan can only be appreciated after visiting personally. Moreover, this country is home to some of the best delicacies in the world. If you wish to try having a delicious Japanese meal, you need to consider heading over to the capital city called Tokyo. This city is home to some of the finest restaurants. Let’s check a few of them.

  1. Kotaro – The name of the restaurant is kept after the head chef of this restaurant named Kotaro Hayashi. He is known to make some of the most delicious, finest and innovative food for the customers. Additionally, if you wish to see how a great restaurant runs smoothly, Kotaro will definitely offer a live view. However, you simply cannot enter this restaurant. You are required to book one a few weeks or months in advance.
  2.  Bar Benfiddich – For couples the Bar Benfiddich restaurant offers a romantic atmosphere. The interiors are cozy allowing them to have a great time while enjoying their meal. However, it is best considered to come early as locals and tourists flock this restaurant.
  3. Ginza Kojyu – If you wish to experience Kaseki dining, then head over to Ginza Kojyu. Kaseki dining is all about experiencing a meal cooked by your loved ones. You are also going to experience great service from the restaurant staff.

These are some of the finest restaurants you need to head over to while visiting Tokyo. Before traveling to some of these restaurants, make sure you book for the best Japan guided tour.

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