Basics Of Boxing Classes

The two things that training classes in boxing need to cover for the boxer, in the beginning, are the guard position and right jab. In boxing classes, every punch is made from the position of the on-guard. The boxer has to assume the on-guard position at the end of every punch, with the maximum speed possible. 

Boxing lessons in Rotterdam are crucial to ensure proper deception. When all punches are thrown with the same stance it is natural for an opponent to have difficulty in determining whether the punch will take the form of a left jab at the body or head.

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If a boxer changes his stance or position every time he throws a new punch, the opponent will eventually notice and counter with an attack. In all classes of boxing, it is essential to maintain a proper and complete on-guard posture that has the right forearm with the fist up. 

The right hand should be about at the surface of the chin, so it is in a position to catch the opponent's left-handed jabs. The right elbow should be held close to the body and protects the right kidney and the right side. 

A coach must devote every minute necessary in order to help his players learn the fundamentals of the guard position. The basic principles must be instilled into them so that they can effortlessly slide into the position without a second thought. 

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