Automatic Pool Covers: What Are The Benefits

Investing in an automatic pool cover has advantages in many areas such as safety, comfort, pool cleanliness, water savings, and energy efficiency. 

Overall, these benefits can maximize the life and value of your backyard pool and help you save money on pool ownership. You can also buy the best automatic swimming pool covers via

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Here are some of the benefits of automatic pool cover:

Save water

Automatic pool covers are a great way to prevent water loss from your pool. According to the US Department of Energy, evaporation is accountable for up to 70 percent of water destruction in swimming pools and spas. It's not uncommon to see quarter-inch to half-inch losses per day in the pool. Within a week, it reaches a whopping 2 to 4 inches.

If your pool's water level is suddenly lower than you thought, the cause may be daily evaporation. There are three main reasons for this: high outside temperatures, insufficient humidity, and external influences such as sun and wind.

It is not possible to completely control the exposure to the elements. However, automatic pool covers are a very effective way of controlling the influence of Nature.

Energy efficiency and cost savings

As summer fades into fall and then winter – even if you live in a warmer part of the country longer – more gas or electricity is needed to run a gas heater or heat pump to keep the water in the pool at a comfortable temperature.

However, an automatic pool cover can help extend the swimming season while saving you money. You don't want to pay extra energy bills when it's cold outside and an automatic pool cover helps store some of the heat generated by your heater.

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