Apple Health Guide: The Powerful Fitness App Explained

Apple Health is a place where you can store and track your health and fitness of all data in one place. Whether it is stepping, cycling, running, or more serious health data  such as blood pressure and glucose levels. 

Healthcare Apple can pull data from the tracker, smartwatches, scales, and other devices and keep them in one place. Achieve your weight loss & fitness goals with our digital health display App on Smart Mirror.

digital health display App

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Apple's new healthcare applications are now up and running on the latest version of iOS 8, but what can this application do for you? The first thing is that the application does not track health information, at least not yet.

It is an aggregator, which means that it pulls information from your other health applications, and displays it all in a single dashboard for you. Therefore, for healthcare applications Apple to be useful, you will need other healthcare applications.

Experts say that aggregation applications such as Healthy Apple can provide users with a new experience while allowing them to keep their applications they have become accustomed to using.

You can allow this application to "write" your health apps so your data – such as how many steps you take, and how many calories you eat – will appear on the dashboard application of Health.

You can also enable these applications to "read" Data Apple Apps, so that a variety of health applications can share information with each other.

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