An Overview About Olympic Kilns

Olympic Kilns have been making high-quality, affordable kilns since 1972. The company was originally based in Seattle, at the base of the Olympic Mountains. In 1982, it moved to Georgia to be closer to the raw materials needed to make kilns.

Olympic has more kiln models, styles and types than any other manufacturer. Olympic kilns that are electric or gas-powered to hobbyists, industrial manufacturers, and production studios.

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Olympic is a well-known manufacturer of kilns that are extremely affordable and highly professional. It's their close proximity to insulating firebrick, and other kiln building materials that allows them to build great products at an extremely low price.

Olympic kilns are used for glass fusion in both electric and gas fired kiln models. Olympic Kilns offers more styles and models than any other Kiln manufacturer.

Olympic kilns can be unique due to the variety of models and designs available. The company makes more types of kilns today than any other company. They will have a kiln that fits your space and meets your needs. Olympic can also make custom kilns.

The Olympic Kilns' smallest size is set up for 120V household power and has a 20 amp plug to make it easy to install. These models are ideal for small projects in ceramics, glass and metal. Many of them fire at Cone 10 temperature.

Olympic is a leader in energy-efficient kilns for potters who are concerned about green studio practices. All at an affordable price. The Medallion series is designed to provide teachers and artists with professional-grade kilns. They feature standard 3 inch brick walls. These walls are 1/2 inch thicker than other kiln walls. This allows heat to be retained better and requires less electricity to heat your kiln.

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