All you need to know about CD43 antibody

CD stands for cluster of differentiation or designation is a process used for the identification and investigation of molecules of cell surface providing targets for marking of cells. The molecules of CD can work in numerous ways. They can act as a receptor to the cells or ligands which are important to the cell.

A signal cluster is usually initiated that alters the behavior of the cell. In other words, they check the signal of cells. In humans, CD numbered up to 371. CD43 (cluster of differentiation 43) is a transmembrane cell protein that is found in humans and is encoded by the sialophorin gene. Also known as SPN in short. If you want to test this antibody on any species, you can buy kits from this link.

CD43 antibody

Sialophorin is a main sialo glycol-protein present on the surface of human T lymphocytes, granulocytes, and B lymphocytes. It is important for immunity to function and may be responsible for activating t-cells. Using immunology history and chemistry, CD43 can be injected in the paracortical T-cells of healthy lymph nodes.

CD43s is known as a type of AML and MDS. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) are high-risk hematologic malignancies that have long-term and disease-free survival percentages contained in only 20% to 40% of patients.

Anti-SPN antibodies are offered by many suppliers. This gene encodes the protein sialophorin also known as leukosialin in humans and may also be known as CD43 and galacto-glyco-protein. This protein is 40.3-kilo daltons in weight. Based on the gene name of this antibody, it can also be found in mice and rats. 

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