All About Office Paper

The office uses various types of printers; Copiers, inkjets, and lasers. Each uses a different type of paper. For best results, you need to know which paper type is best suited for a particular machine. Inkjet paper will not work in copiers or laser printers. It's best not to try to use it. This will inflate and clog the engine, creating headaches that are best avoided.

Always read the manufacturer's manual for each printer you buy. Here are recommendations for the types of paper you can use in your device. And you can also discover more info about various papers from many online resources.

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If you are unsure of the paper type, contact the service staff who will take care of your equipment. They can answer all your questions. Never buy paper through telemarketing even though they offer very low prices. As with all things, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Always buy paper from a reputable supplier.

In most cases, digital copiers can use the same types of paper as non-digital copiers. Color printers and copiers can usually use the same paper as black and white devices. However, if you want your copy to be of high quality, use better quality paper. Before sharing a large number of copies, test the paper on your device. If the supplier offers a different type of paper, purchase adhesive tape. If that works well and you like paper more than what you're using, buy one or more sleeves.

Never use paper with high humidity or textured paper in a laser printer. This can cause you a lot of trouble. Recycled paper works well in most copiers and printers. 

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