Advantages of Led Flood Light.

The led floodlight is suitable for indoor use in a hospital, office, bank, hotel, or other places.

1, Led flood lamp energy efficient: The amount of electricity consumed is less than 1000 hours for a 60W incandescent lamp (17 hours electricity consumption for an ordinary 10W energy saving lamp 100 hours).

2, Led flood lamp with long life: Light-emitting semiconductor chip, without filament, no glass bulbs, and not afraid of vibration. The life span of up to 50,000 Hours (incandescent lifespan of just 1000 hours. Ordinary life is also energy-saving lamps that last only 8000 hours).

Floodlights, projectors, and column projectors, which are health light, contain no ultraviolet or infrared light and do not emit radiation. Ordinary light has ultraviolet and infrared rays.

4, Green products, environment: The LED panel light does not contain harmful elements like mercury or xenon. It is conducive to recovery, and it does not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamps have mercury and lead elements, and energy-saving lamp electronic balances will cause electromagnetic interference).

5, Protection of eyesight: DC drive (no strobe), ordinary light or AC drive will invariably produce strobe.

6, Light efficiency is excellent: 90% of electrical energy can be converted into visible light, 80% of normal incandescent heat to electricity, and only 20% into light energy

7, High safety factor: Led panel lights require voltage, which is low, and produces less heat. There is no glass case or filament, so there is no risk of radiation and no harm to the human body.

8 low thermal voltages are safe and reliable. Surface temperature below 60 degrees Celsius (Ta = 25 ambient temperatures when);

9, Large voltage range across the globe 85V 246VAC constant voltage, protects the brightness and life from voltage fluctuations

  1. Using constant-current PWM Technology, high efficiency, low calories, high precision constant current.



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