Active Release Technique in Pickering

Soft tissue trauma is all too common, and if you have one of the conditions that involve soft tissue damage, you know that pain has to be experienced to be believed.

Often, these soft tissue injuries are caused by excess muscle, leading to the common symptoms associated with RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. Plantar fasciitis; knee problems; Sciatica and Shoulder pain and, among other things, the ubiquitous back pain that causes countless hours of lost work each year.

There are ways to help your soft tissue heal more effectively. This is a therapy known as the Active Release Technique. It is an active release technique that involves a series of more than 500 open movements. You can explore more about active release therapy in Pickering via

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An active release provider can evaluate what is happening to your soft tissue by seeing how it is textured when you touch it.

This way, a trained active release provider can identify abnormal tissue and look for soft tissue injuries that are causing you great pain. Once your problem areas are in, specifically targeted tension can be combined with Active Release providers, who will direct you to make very precise moves that can help repair your damaged network.

Active Release Therapy is most effective when you get help from an Active Release provider as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. The earlier the affected area is mobilized, the more likely it is that you will regain complete freedom of movement: it is known that inaction will prolong the healing process.

The ART provider uses your thumb and finger to move the tissue so that your adhesions separate from the tissue. A normal session can last up to an hour and a half.


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