A Basic Overview Of Active Release Therapy

Active release therapy, also known as active release technique (ART), is a feasible way to help people experience various types of pain. Learn about the administration and benefits of this treatment to see if it can help you with the specific symptoms you have. You can check this source- Active Release Therapy (ART)-Active Integrative Medicine if you are looking for ART. 

Overview of ART

This massage technique manipulates and moves the soft tissue in the focus area, targeting pain. Active release therapy is a viable option for the treatment of various muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve and facial problems.

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Who can help?

Many people are eligible candidates for ART. Anyone who has recurring headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, knee problems, sciatica, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis may receive help after treatment. Nearly every person who experiences pain from the muscle that is abused or overused is a candidate for this treatment.

Muscles that are overused can be present in three main ways: muscle pulls and tears indicate an acute condition; the grouping of small tears indicates a micro-trauma injury; and sometimes, the muscles don't receive enough oxygen, which can cause hypoxia.

When one of these situations occurs, the body responds to the production of dense and strong scar tissue at the site of injury. The presence of scar tissue interferes with soft tissue and impedes range of motion.


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