5 Simple Ways to Identify Water Leaks With Plumbers In Edmonton Ab

As common sense dictates, check for obvious symptoms of water leaks in your home. Checking the backs of cabinets and behind sinks for moisture, mildew, or foul odors is a good example; no one wants that in their home! If your home is more than 25 years old, you should give your plumbing system extra care. Water heaters, pumps, valves, and hoses, as well as washing machines, should all be inspected. If you see oxidation or discoloration on the plumbing components, you may have water leaks. Not all water leaks, however, are straightforward to locate. If you recognize the indicators, you can quickly find concealed water leaks in your plumbing. Water leaks should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid high repair costs. That is why plumbers in Edmonton ab wish to assist you in locating those concealed water leaks.

Keep a close eye on your water bill.

What do you mean? This month’s water bill is unusually high. If you pay close attention to your water bill, you can see a message between the lines indicating that water leak repair is on the way. When your water bill continues to rise even though your water use habits have not altered, that unspoken message is sent. If your water bill continues to increase, it’s evident that something is wrong with your water system. It’s possible that a leak has to be fixed.

Take a look at your water meter to see if it’s working properly. 

A time-saving option is to check for water leaks using your water meter. To check for water leaks, use your water meter to do the following steps:

• Turn off all of the faucets in the house. Ensure that all taps are turned off and that the dishwasher and washing machine are turned off.

• Any changes in the water meter should be noted. If this happens, you almost certainly have a fast-moving leak.

• Wait two hours and recheck the water meter if it does not change. You most likely have a slower water leak if the water has been turned off and changed the meter.

When water leak repairs are required, your water meter will alert you. Water leaks after the meter are the homeowner’s responsibility, even if the leaks are underground.

The Toilet Dye Test is a fun way to find out whether you’re

It’s a good idea to check your toilets to make sure they’re in good operating order. When there is a water leak, you can flush a considerable amount of water away. Toilets use up to 30% of your overall water use on average. Use the toilet dye test to find water leaks. It’s simple. Fill the toilet tank with a few drops of food coloring. Then sit and wait for ten minutes. Water leak repairs will be required if color appears in the bowl after the 10-minute waiting period. It indicates that water seeps from the tank into your drain without being flushed.


Call a plumber in Edmonton ab if you detect a water leak of any magnitude. The sooner you repair a water leak, the better off you’ll be. Small water leaks today will turn into more significant leaks tomorrow, resulting in higher repair costs and greater property damage.

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