4 Major Benefits Of Custom eCommerce Development Services

An eCommerce website is a place you can sell products and services online. Consumers can easily browse your products and buy them online. There are several default payment gateways that offer instant payment options. All this without the presence or physical meeting. If you're looking for eCommerce development services visit https://bluedotmarketing.ca/.

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Here are some facts that prove the competitive advantage of developing e-commerce:

  • About 67% of America's millennium prefers shopping online.

  • E-commerce has grown by 300% in recent years

  • US e-commerce revenue last year is an estimate. $ 600-700 billion

  • B2B sales throughout the world are projected to reach more than $ 6.6 trillion in 2021

1. Global presence

Unlike a physical store related to one location, your e-commerce business is sitting outside the geographical limit. You can sell your product or service to anyone in the world. Consider Amazon, an e-commerce store that allows people to buy spices from Indian retailers. 

2. Better customer experience

The best part about developing e-commerce is the customer experience. You can give them all support and details without having to interact directly. On the other hand, customers can easily buy/order products or services from the comfort of their own homes.

3. Complete information

With the development of the eCommerce web, you can use the product details page to provide all the necessary information about your customer's products. With product details, specifications, images, attributes, customers can choose the most suitable products/services. 

4. There is no time limit

You can sell your product all the time. In e-commerce stores, nothing is like opening or closing the shop. You can do business with your cellphone or laptop, even while relaxing on the beach or on the Desert Insert holiday.

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