3 Types Of Mini Split Air Conditioning Units

Mini-split AC units are very popular in the market as they allow a huge reduction in the cooling costs because of individual room inside unit thermostats along with ductless heat transfer, which is highly efficient. If you want to buy a mini-split unit, then you can check out mini split reviews consumer reports first. As far as types are concerned, then there are three split ductless AC units available on the market, which are –

  1. Ceiling-Recessed Mini Splits.
  2. Wall Mounted Mini Splits.
  3. Ceiling Suspended Mini Splits.

Let’s discuss these three mini-split units in detail:

Wall Mounted Mini Splits

These are the most common type of mini splits where the technician drills a small hole into the interior wall and provide the conduit along with hoses. Then, the connection between inside and outside units will be made using the hoses. The inside unit is placed high on the wall to cover the maximum area of the room.

Ceiling-Recessed Mini Splits

This type of unit is mounted inside the ceiling, so the technician needs 7-10 inches of space inside the ceiling to avoid the unit from protruding out of the ceiling. These units normally take up the air centrally and blow it in four different directions via directed vents. This benefit of recessed units over larger units is that these can be accommodated into the ceiling, provided enough space is there.

Ceiling Suspended Mini Splits

These units are suspended several inches from the ceiling using multiple metal rods. The unit delivers uni-directional airflow from the front to the back of the unit. The suspension of these units is fully adjustable, thus allowing you to easily remove it from the ceiling. Moreover, these units are aerodynamic, which means there is no obstruction in the flow of cold or hot air.

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